About Our Team

See what makes us tick. Meet the team that makes Florascience, Inc. a unique place to work, and an amazing company to do business with. From idea to market, product testing, private label, to contract manufacturing, we’re your one-stop shop.

Keith Cleversley

I’m passionate about botanicals that help better the quality of life while providing natural alternatives to sometimes dangerous mainstream products.  Coupled with our state of the art testing facility, we love making your product dream a reality.

Is This You?

Julie Zavala

Facility Manager
Julie manages all aspects of our GMP facility, including working with MPR’s, BPR’s, and SOP’s. She’s a wiz at employee interaction as well as all our digital documentation, as she ensures the smooth operation of both the manufacturing and distribution side of the facility. She’s also a skilled lab technician.

  • Organization 45% 45%
  • Ongoing Training 45% 45%
  • Keeping Us Sane 10% 10%

Michelle Herris

Quality Assurance Manager
Michelle maintains systems to assure regulatory compliance for all relevant GMP operations, while overseeing the review/approval of batch records, specifications, testing, release and stability data, raw material testing reports, validation protocols, and equipment calibration and validation records.

  • Quality Control 70% 70%
  • Ongoing Training 10% 10%
  • Documentation 20% 20%


Order Fulfillment
In charge of all things retail for the facility, including social media.



Customer Service
Part of the key production team who makes everything possible.



Production Operator
Part of the key production team who makes everything possible.



Inventory Specialist
Kassandra is charge of all-things inventory for the facility. She’s the glue that holds the whole place together.

Timely Support

We’re usually busier than busy, but we’ll make you feel as though you’re our only customer.

Innovative Ideas

From idea to market, we can help make you dietary supplement dreams a marketable reality.

Advanced Technology

With the latest in FDA-compliant technology, we produce the highest quality products.

Clear Communication

We pride ourselves on our ability to understand your needs, every step of the way.

Recent Blog Posts

Learn from the top thought leaders in the industry.

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Florascience is your private labeling experts and are very interested to hear what your unique needs might be!  Private labeling is simply the process of taking a pre-manufactured product, such as kava root capsules, and packaging them into your own branded product....

What Is a Contract Manufacturer?

Contract manufacturing is simply the hiring of an outside company to produce your products for you.  That company would be your contract manufacturer.  If you want to focus on Customer Service, Order Fulfillment, and everything else that running a wholesale or retail...

Our Timeline

06 JUN 2018: Several companies who offer Kratom packaged as dietary supplements got inspected by the FDA recently. Much to our surprise, 3 of those companies were allowed to continue operating, and 1 was shut down. What this means to us is that the FDA is more...

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