Florascience, Inc.Contract manufacturing is simply the hiring of an outside company to produce your products for you.  That company would be your contract manufacturer.  If you want to focus on Customer Service, Order Fulfillment, and everything else that running a wholesale or retail business entails, then you need us; the contract manufacturing experts.  What’s more, is that Florascience was built from the ground up to serve small companies who are just starting up, or who are just expanding their operations.  Our minimums are far lower than anyone else we know if in the industry, partly because we have engineered our facility to handle every aspect of the manufacturing process.  From raw material acquisition, to formulation, to product manufacturing, distribution, and even retail sales and order fulfillment, we truly can be your only partner to bring your product to the marketplace.

Contract manufacturers seem to be a dime a dozen these days, but here’s a short list of why you might want to choose Florascience, Inc.:

  • We are fully GMP-compliant, and produce only FDA-compliant products
  • Our facility is beyond the specs required for an FDA-compliant facility
  • Built from the ground to handle micro-runs of products
  • In house product testing, bio testing, heavy metals, and content
  • We specialize in Kava Kava
  • We can handle
  • We’ve been in business for nearly two decades
  • We handle several online retail stores such as www.Kava.com.
  • We’re super friendly, and experts at what we do.
  • Fast turnaround and trusted results.
  • We are typically more competitively priced than any other contract manufacturer.

Find out how easy it is to get started with us.  A quick phone call to 800-647-3154 or email will get you started on the path to realizing your dreams of having a dietary supplement that you can put all of your passion, energy, and marketing skills into.  Ask for Keith, Megan, or Anthony to discuss your idea or current manafacturing needs, and we’ll quickly set up a roadmap that will be clear, concise, and easily implemented.

Whether it’s simply packaging your product, private labeling your product, we can get you on the path to offering a fully-compliant dietary supplement to the marketplace.  We take pride in being the best, most-compliant, and most knowledgable contract manufacturer within the United States.  Speaking of, rules are getting even stricter for products for consumption that are manufactured outside of the United States.  We are a fully licensed California facility that never outsources any of our processes.

And know that we don’t have huge minimums.  Since our product testing is in house, we have created an extremely cost-efficient method that reduces overhead enough to allow runs as small as 500 or fewer packages per batch.  Basic testing for compliance, which includes identity verification, bio, and heavy metals costs just $99.00 with us.  So, for every 500 packages, that’s an added cost of just $0.5 per package for the assurance that your product is safe.  Speaking of, we take public safety above all else here at Florascience, and don’t let anything out of our facility that we personally wouldn’t consume ourselves.

One of the most critical aspects of bringing your product to market is ensuring quality and safety of that product.  As a contract manufacturer, we not only verify the identity of all raw materials, we are rigorous in our procedures and protocols every step of that way, ensuring the highest quality finished product that you can be proud of.  Our in house product testing via Wonderland Labs, as well as our distribution via KV Naturals, Inc., and our in house Order Fulfillment of Kona Kava Farm products, we know the entire process of idea to marketplace intimately.