Florascience, Inc.Florascience is your private labeling experts and are very interested to hear what your unique needs might be!  Private labeling is simply the process of taking a pre-manufactured product, such as kava root capsules, and packaging them into your own branded product.  At first, this seems like a simple process that anyone with an internet connection and a label printer could accomplish.  But that is not the case!

Private labeing follows all of the rigorous standards that the FDA has set up in their Code of Federal Regulations Title 21, which governs the manufacturing, holding, distribution, and selling of products for human consumption. When you decide that you want to start selling your own branded product, this is where you need to make a key decision: Will you manufacture that product yourself, will you seek a contract manufacturer, or will you purchase a pre-manufactured product and look for a private labeling company?

This is where Florascience excels!

We are experts in taking an idea to market, with intimate knowledge of every procedure, protocol, rule, and every hurdle you’ll encounter along the complicated path to your success.  We know where to source raw materials, we know how to take those raw materials and formulate them into a product that is unique to you, we know how to take pre-manufactured products and both legally and compliantly re-package them into your own branded product.  In fact, we can handle any variation on the manufacturing theme, and we can do it fully compliantly with the strict FDA-standards set up in CFR Title 21.

So, a private labeling project might look like this:

  1. You choose a product you want to brand with your own company logo.
  2. You choose whether to have us formulate that product, or whether you will provide us with a pre-formulated product.
  3. You choose whether you will provide us with a pre-manufactured product, or is we will manufacture that product for you.
  4. You choose whether to provide us with the fully-compliant artwork (we will only accept FDA-compliant labels), or if you will provide us with the data files for us to print the labels from.
  5. We test the product for safety, and set up a set of protocols to manufacture that product.
  6. We manufacture and/or package that product for you and apply the fully-compliant labels.
  7. You choose whether to have us handle your order fulfillment, whether it’s distribution, wholesale, or retail.
  8. Rinse and repeat for as many products as you wish.

This is just an extremely simple overview, but it gives you an idea of the private labeling process.  Florascience has handled capsule orders of 1,000,000 capsules, and we’ve handled R&D runs or capsules that were just 96 bottles.  Obviously, the smaller the run, the higher the individual product cost, but even with only 92 bottles total, full safety testing adds just $1.07 to the total cost of each product.  That’s nominal when seeing if a product will be received as well as you hope it will.

Find out how easy it is to get started with us.  A quick phone call to 800-647-3154 or email will get you started on the path to realizing your dreams of having a dietary supplement that you can put all of your passion, energy, and marketing skills into.  Ask for Keith, Megan, or Anthony to discuss your idea or current manafacturing needs, and we’ll quickly set up a roadmap that will be clear, concise, and easily implemented.

From Idea to Market, Florascience strives to be the leader in contract manufacturing, product testing, and private labeling services.