06 JUN 2018: Several companies who offer Kratom packaged as dietary supplements got inspected by the FDA recently. Much to our surprise, 3 of those companies were allowed to continue operating, and 1 was shut down. What this means to us is that the FDA is more concerned about protecting public safety by ensuring the safe manufacture of Kratom-related products, and less concerned about shutting down companies who are working to be FDA-compliant. This is great news for the Kratom community, and we’re more than happy to continue manufacturing your Kratom products at our facility.

01 AUG 2017: We moved the rest of our manufacturing from Chicago, IL. With expanded space in Vista, CA at Florascience, Inc., we have now become a full-service facility, that can take an idea, and turn it into a sellable product. We’ve got a talented pool of graphic artists, FDA-attorneys and consultants, chemists, and formulators. We’re proud of the team we’ve assembled and the wide range of dietary supplements we manufacture for a growing family of clients.

01 APR 2015: After months of intense construction, the new Florascience, Inc. facility is fully online and ready for the future. The facility is better than we had envisioned it, and we’re excited to get started.  With a far more robust Clean Room, we’ve now got dedicated space for our in-house HPLC testing, as well as a new CO2 extractor that will provide even cleaner, purer natural herbal products for all our treasured clients.

03 NOV 2014: Florascience has just purchased a large space to build upon it’s R&D experience, as the fully-compliant GMP manufacturing facility gains momentum and scales up to a fully operational cGMP dietary supplement manufacturing and testing facility.  It’s an exciting time as we transition away from our tiny Carlsbad, CA R&D space, and move into the beautiful lush valleys of Vista, CA.  The new facility has plenty of room to grow, stunning views of Buena Vista Park.  With a unique Alice in Wonderland theme, complete with a colorful epoxy floor in the Clean Room, furniture by Funky Sofa of Los Angeles, metallic purple walls, a brushed steel Kava Bar in the reception area, and colorful LED lighting blended with natural skylights throughout the facility; it’s a pleasant and unique place to work.

01 AUG 2014: Florascience has officially opened it’s template R&D facility in California.  Here is where the entire infrastructure of the past 1.1 years is being tested, implemented, and readying itself for full scale GMP production of dietary supplements.

07 JUL 2013: Florascience has just started work on building a fully FDA-compliant GMP Manufacturing facility in California.  This includes everything from the ground up, including the entire infrastructure, over 120 self-authored SOP’s, the business model, necessary equipment, and more.  Building on years of Dietary Supplement Receiving, Holding, & Distribution in their Chicago facility, this is a natural expansion into the elimination of yet another middleman stage of raw plants to dietary supplement.  We’ve never been more excited and plan to take 1-2 years to fully, properly complete this process and get certified as a fully-compliant GMP Manufacturer.

14 JUN 2003: We started selling herbal products and exotic botanicals online. We grew more than we imagined, and as online retailers, we dreamed of someday becoming an FDA-registered GMP manufacturing facility in California.