STEP 1 – INITIAL CONSULTATION: We discuss your project in detail, to assess how far along on your idea you are. With the starter package, an initial consultation is included in the package price, as are raw materials to manufacture your product, from your source or one of our own. We help you assess whether or not your product idea would be legal to offer as a food product or a dietary supplement, following strict GRAS standards from start to finish.

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO – In short, you need to provide us with:

  • A completed formula for your product.
  • A completed label design for your product.
  • You need to have an idea of the packaging you wish to use for your product.
  • A UPC code for each of your products if you plan for mainstream sales channels.
  • A maximum unit price for your finished good (final product).
  • General idea of retail price for your finished good.
  • Sizes for your finished good.

WHAT WE DO FOR YOU – Once you provide us with the above items, we then:

  • We first vet your labels to ensure FDA-compliance by sharing with our FDA-consultant.
  • We will then hand off your formulation to our food chemists to ensure that the product you wish to manufacture can actually be manufactured. We follow strict GRAS standards and FDA recommendations for all products.
  • Next, we will source the raw materials in your formulation.
  • We will then show you the main packaging options and agree on product sizes.
  • We will then create an FDA-required SOP for your product. This is a “Standard Operating Procedure” that is necessary for the manufacture of any food product or dietary supplement.
  • We will finalize your product artwork and print a demo package (minus the finished good).
  • Once we’re all agreed and happy, we move on to figuring out the product cost basis.

STEP 02 – VIABLE COST BASIS: Once all of the pre-production is complete on your product, we will then do a detailed analysis of the cost basis for your product. For example, if you want to have a dietary supplement that costs $10.00/bottle of 60 capsules, we work out the exact costs of every raw material, ingredient, component, labor, and additional costs to manufacture your product. This is where we really get down to brass tacks and find out whether or not your dream can become a reality.

STEP 03 – ACTUAL MANUFACTURING: Once all of the pre-production is complete on your product and we agree on a unit price for your product, we will then begin the actual manufacturing process. We will make an initial batch of products based on a per unit cost, with a limit of $1,000.00 total cost. So, if you want to make a dietary supplement that costs $10.00/bottle, we will make a first batch of 96 bottles for you. (We go in multiples of 12 for manufacturing products. A few extras are made for demos and retained samples.)

STEP 04 – PAPERWORK PAPERWORK: Once the manufacturing is done, there is still A LOT to do. We need to ensure your paperwork is together for any FDA inspections. This includes:

  • COA’s for the raw materials AND the finished good.
  • SOP for the finished good is complete and accurate.
  • Two retained samples for the product as required by the FDA.
  • Part Number and Lot Number documentation
  • Completed Chain of Custody from idea to finished good.


COMMON QUESTION: How long does this entire process take?

A: The entire process, as long as you have the items we need, will only take a total of 4 weeks or less. Depending on a number of factors, including supply issues, label compliance, formulation tweaks, and a host of other items that are impossible to predict, some projects can take as long as 8 weeks. In all honesty, the manufacture of the product is the EASY part. All of the pre-planning, FDA-compliance, paperwork, documentation, COA’s, Chain of Custody – whew, that’s the part that can make your head spin.


STEP 01 – STARTER PACKAGE: First, you need to read through the STARTER PACKAGE details as the jumping off point for the STANDARD PACKAGE. The Standard Package includes everything the STARTER PACKAGE includes, but with these additional value-added items:



  • PRODUCT FORMULATION: Instead of providing us with a complete, ready-to-manufacture formulation or recipe, we will take your idea for a product, and transform it into a viable, FDA-compliant product. Whether you have an idea of the ingredients you wish to use, or simply have an idea of the effect you want from your finished good, we are here to help. Combined with virtually unlimited revisions,  we will work with our food chemists and you until we end up with the exact product you want, with the exact effects you want.

Normally, formulation is a $1999.00 add-on when purchasing our services a-la-carte.

  • COMPLETE LABEL DESIGN: Instead of providing us with a complete, ready-to-print label that meets all FDA requirements, we instead take your idea and transform it into a fully-complaint label. We not only have the label scrutinized by our FDA Consultants, we provide you with several design ideas to choose from. Whichever design is your favorite, we will then take that design and further revise it until you get something that is beyond your expectations.

Normally, label design is a $1999.00 add-on when purchasing our services a-la-carte.

  • CUSTOM PRODUCT PACKAGING: Instead of using our pre-fab standard packages for your product, you can instead choose from a wide range of packaging options, limited only by your imagination. Instead of plain white capsule bottles, perhaps you want something that fits into a bag or purse, and dispenses 1-2 capsules at a time. Or, perhaps you want natural, recycled only packaging that complies with all FDA standards for packaging. We can help you make that happen.

Normally, custom product packaging is a $1999.00 add-on when purchasing our services a-la-carte.


STEP 01 – STANDARD PACKAGE: First, you need to read through both the STARTER PACKAGE details and the STANDARD PACKAGE details as the jumping off point for the PREMIUM PACKAGE. The Premium Package includes everything both the Starter Package and the Standard Package include, but with these additional value-added items:



  • PERSONAL PRODUCT SPECIALIST: It’s difficult to underestimate the importance of a personal, single point of contact for your project. It takes multiple teams of people get properly get a product from idea to store shelves. Instead of having to stay in touch with our various teams, you will have a single Product Specialist to oversee your entire project. Our Product Specialists are also experts in every aspect of your project, and can answer any manufacturing question you might have along the way.

Normally, a personal product specialist is a $2999.00 add-on when purchasing our services a-la-carte.

  • RAW MATERIALS + COA’s: The Premium Package is a truly turnkey solution for your idea. We will handle sourcing of all materials, as well as the complete set of tests required for both raw materials, as well as the finished good. Testing can take a big bite out of your budget – everything from Supplement Facts (for dietary supplements) to Nutrition Facts (for foods) can be a costly venture, especially when working with micro-runs for products. We take all the worry out of this by providing you with everything you need to manufacture your products.
  • SUPPLIERS & PART NUMBERS: You have complete control of your product, from the raw materials and components to manufacture it, to the paperwork, SOP’s, COA’s, and everything in-between. This allows you to take your product and have it manufactured at any contract manufacturing facility. We hope that your experience with us will keep you coming back for all your future contract manufacturing and private label needs, but we know it can be peace of mind to own, 100%, every part of your creation. We hand over everything to you at the end of the project, as well as 3 hours of consulting regarding any questions you might have.

Normally, complete turnkey details are a $1999.00 add-on when purchasing our services a-la-carte.

  • PERSONAL UPC ACCOUNT: Instead of pulling UPC’s from our massive pool of UPC codes, we will get you set up with your own account, and 500 UPC codes. This will allow for future expansion as well as complete control over your product UPC’s. The account comes with the ability to print UPC codes directly from within your account. We handle the setup, the product specifications, categories, and other required details for any UPC code.

Normally, a personal UPC account is a $999.00 add-on when purchasing our services a-la-carte.

  • ADWORDS / AMAZON / EBAY: On top of everything that goes into seeing a product from idea to completion, it can be daunting to them have to learn how to sell your product in various marketplaces. We take all the learning and guesswork out of this for you, and get your products set up and ready for sale by getting you an AdWords account set up and operating, as well as both an Amazon Store and an eBay Store ready for you to take in money and fill orders.

Normally, a complete marketplace setup is a $2999.00 add-on when purchasing our services a-la-carte.



The Challenge

It can take a lot of time, energy, and probably money to get an idea from an idea, to an actual product. That’s a huge step. Now what? Many people think that just coming up with a product, having great packaging, and building a website is all there is to it. Unfortunately, that’s what millions of other people are thinking as well. How do we get our product out there?

The Solution

Florascience has been successfully formulating natural products, designing a unique identity, manufacturing that product from design to marketplace, and then bringing that product to you. From fully-responsive websites, to fully FDA-compliant products, to a quality that is unmatched in our industry, we take great pride in everything we do.

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